July 04, 2017

Presence and Power Posing: Bringing you Boldest Self to your Biggest Challenges

About a year ago, I recently came across a book called Presence. This was a book that was meant to fall into my lap. I read about it in an airline magazine travelling from Halifax to Toronto after a work conference. When I landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport, I was strolling through a shop and, as if fate was doing its work, I landed face to face with the little, wooden stick figure on the cover of this book. Without hesitation I purchased the book, and began flipping through it on my next flight home to Winnipeg.

I quickly discovered I was meant to read this book.

This is one of those game-changer books. For all of those life-changing moments.

With an ongoing personality struggle torn between trying to exude modesty and humility but wanting to avoid being a complete pushover, this was the book I needed to read.

And with already having experienced many life situations where I was told I would fail, or that I would not be good enough, or that I would “need assistance in order to do so and so….”, or that I should change my direction, this book strongly resonated with me.

We all have those moments in life; the big job interview, the final competition, taking an exam, closing a deal, meeting a significant other’s family – the moments that can make us shrink, fail and feel small if we go into them unprepared and without confidence.

Amy Cuddy, a Harvard graduate and TED speaker, writes about her cringe-worthy, failed attempt with the infamous “elevator pitch” as a new graduate. She speaks about feelings of powerlessness and how this can be exhibited in our body language. She speaks about believing and owning your story to gain a strong presence in any tough situation, which leads to the creation of her “power pose”.

I quickly discovered that my Power Pose is Warrior pose, or virahbadrasana.

This book is definitely worth a must-read for – well, for everyone, in any situation. And maybe you will be lucky enough to discover your own Power Pose.

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