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find out how we avoid burnout

Whether you’re running a business, furthering your education, working in high-intensity settings, or running a household and raising a family, it seems that ‘hustle’ is most often glorified. And burnout seems to be something that is somehow celebrated or even encouraged. But this is not how we, at MVMT ONE, want to live our lives. Ultimately, we want to work hard and play hard, and be driven by our passions which fuel us to keep going. However, we also completely bask in the ability to enjoy downtime on a regular basis. And that doesn’t mean that we love our work any less! As the founder of the newly launched MVMT ONE platform, I wanted to provide some insight on how to live a productive and successful life without burning yourself out, ultimately leading to greater health & happiness.

1. Create your own timeline: As I was just starting to enter into my entrepreneurial journey, I recall seeing a quote that said something along the lines of the following: “Turning an idea into a business in 6 months – entrepreneur. Turning an idea into a business after 6 months – wantrepreneur.” This quote certainly didn’t resonate with me and in fact, the more time I had to work on my business plan and fine tune the details, the journey and the experience, I am most certainly glad I did not launch my initial business plan within the first six months. MVMT ONE would have been a much different, and less complete version of what it is today, and I can say that I am so proud and happy with the final version it has turned into. Within the right amount of time, I witnessed things fall into place in a way I could have never imagined. Ensure that you go at the pace that feels right for you. And never let the internet rush you.

2. Don’t give up the things that you love: In the midst of planning my launch, I made sure that I maintained a fairly regular gym and yoga schedule. That was a must for me – initially, for my sanity – but more importantly, it was necessary if I wanted to be a leader in the fitness and yoga industry. I also attended regular massage appointments, travelled often to spend time with family and friends, and managed to watch the entire Harry Potter movie collection (yes, all eight films!), all whilst preparing for the pre-launch phase. If you’re working long hours in order to get something done, remember that you still owe it to yourself to take an hour per day for you. Whether that includes, reading, working out, meditation, a bubble bath, going for a long walk or grabbing a favourite coffee, do not give up the things that will ultimately keep you going. This will keep you sane – especially during crunch time. Yes, deadlines matter, but so does your health.

3. Trust in the magic of fate and timing: There were many times prior to my 2022 launch when I wanted to launch something, anything! However, I didn’t quite have the full picture yet. It felt somewhat incomplete. And although I was still creating social media content, and occasionally working one-on-one with clients, I didn’t have the full picture of what MVMT ONE would be. If I launched anything at that point, it probably would have felt rushed. But overtime, this all came together. There were times I had to step away from it completely, and sort of let it brew, so to speak. And in time, it did more than brew. It fully started to blossom and grow into a comprehensive plan that I could see continuing over the next few years. Therefore, to reinforce my point, whatever you have in the works right now – a new job, busy home life or home projects, new courses, or new business projects – simply trust that it will all come together in divine timing. Most often this is beyond what we can even see. Trust the process.

I remember when I was in my teens, I constantly had many things on the go and wore many hats. This included working two or three part-time jobs, attending school and eventually full-time university, attending and teaching dance lessons and also playing on multiple sports teams. Regularly, I would burn myself out and my mother would remind me that everytime I had a day off, I managed to fill it up somehow. She was right! I have learned a lot since then, and I am not the same adult. I have learned to be much more Type B and much more relaxed. Now that I’m running a business, I assured myself that I would not burn myself out during this process, even if it meant that everything would take a bit longer to come together. After all, how could a founder of a wellness company constantly be burned out, tired, grumpy, and sick. Therefore, I have vowed to practice what I preach in staying healthy, and I welcome you to do the same. Let’s all do ourselves a favour and stay productive, but well, on our life journeys!

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