MVMT ONE has curated 7 unique programs

flow bend define burn connect feel be – which represent a variety of 5-minute movement + restoration practices, encouraging you to instill daily wellness into your life. for those who are experiencing more time + energy, we have also created a full-length program called complete, which combines all 7 of our short programs into one lengthier seamless, satisfying session.


These programs will be available on our mobile app, which is under development.  

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yoga-based programs

try our yoga programs and flow with us – with everything from freestyle vinyasas to structured sequences, there is something to help you find your flow


mobility + stretch programs

learn to stretch and become more flexible with our bend programs – whether you have a specific goal in mind, or you simply want to achieve improved full-body mobility

MVMT ONE define

strength-building programs

target key areas and strengthen overall with our define programs – by using a variety of strength-training exercises, you will learn to create stability in your physical body


HIIT-inspired programs

work up a sweat and increase your heart rate with our burn programs – whether you want to release stress, or simply get your body moving, you can consider your cardio done

MVMT ONE connect

pilates + core-based programs

engage your core, and improve your posture with our connect programs – lengthen + strengthen becoming stronger and balanced overall


restoration programs

tune-in to your body, and feel better with our rehab-inspired programs – the perfect self-care fix for those low energy days


meditation + relaxation programs

simply just be – with our meditation and relaxation programs – which help you, relax, focus, clear your mind or send you to a place of zen


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